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Introduction of Books Formats

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Introduction to Ghm format:

Ghm is a proprietary format designed by Ghaemiyeh Research Center Isfahan to be used by Gh-Book application in different operation systems: 1- Android 2- IOS 3- Windows Phone.

How to use Ghm format in Gh-boook application:

After downloading the Ghm-formatted file, save it in the memory of your phone or tablet and click on Ghm file. The application detects the file and displays the description and picture of the book. To add the book into your Gh-Book library you can click on “Install” button.


If Gh-Book application is not installed on phone, tablet, or laptop, Ghm files are not detected.

Ghm Format Features:

Ease of use
> The texts of the book are coded to solve the issue of Publishers and authors
> There are clear, useful, and non-editable contents
> Fast access to the free and payable books
> High speed of Ghm format
> Having the book on side memory and install it again
> Access to books in different languages
> Access to more than 15000 books

Gh-Book Application Features:

Application is in 3 different languages: Persian, English, Arabic
> Application operates in 3 Operation Systems: Android, IOS, Windows Phone
> Graphical display of books and all books are categorized in the main menu
> List of last read books in the main menu
> List of “My Books” which contains the latest downloaded books
> List of “Most Popular Books” displays the most downloaded books
> Downloading the books directly from Ghaemiyeh website
> Access to the list of books offline and downloading them when connected to internet.
> To give comment and rank books
> Search in the list of “My Books” and library based on Topic, Autor, translator, publisher, latest books, and the language of books
> Fast search in the text of the downloaded books
> Table of Contents for books
> The ability of editing font, size of text, margins, line spacing, Coloring the diacritics and justifying text
> Displaying Simple and elegant pages of the book and beautiful animations while changing the pages.
> Online registration and sending message in application
> To create a user account, buying books and credit your account.
> To send, share and edit texts of a part of books
> Display the Tables of Contents and fast search among the books
> To create highlights and bookmarks and managing them
> Create toolbar to refer quickly to the pages of the book.
> Different views of screen: Horizontal, Vertical and automatic
> Three different study mode: Night mode, Day mode and Sepia mode.
> Managing the downloaded and upgrading them while connected to the Internet.
> To add and share the files of books to the applications’s directory on device via memory card with prefix of “ghm”
> To remind the user about the upgraded books and to upgrade them automatically
> To add books to transfer them to the application's directory on the device.
> Bulletin boards to inform users
> Different settings in the app
> To support pictures among texts along with audio
> To Comment and taking notes of the texts and managing them
> Support FootNote
> Comprehensive Guide (Help) to familiarize you with the application in 3 different language: Persian, Arabic and English

Designed features for future editions:

> Online search in books:
search in all Ghaemiyeh digital books without limitation to downloaded books.
> Ability to change the text color and background.
> support text books and audio along with text.
> The possibility of wiki texts to each other

Hardware and software requirements

Prerequisite: It does not have
Disk space: 10 Mb after the initial installation
Temporary Memory: At least 30 Mb

Introduction to epub format

It is an open standard for e-books which have been created by the International Digital Publishing Association (Wikipedia). This format is used to create e-books, magazines, and newspapers. The main difference between epub format and Doc is that e-books with the format of epub has the ability of better optimization for smartphones (android phones, Apple and windows mobile), tablets and PCs. One of the amazing features is the ability of reading e-books and having access to millions of books in different languages in different websites. Also, there are huge number of software to read these books with different formats which some of them are mentioned below:
  Windows Mobile
  MacOS X
  iPhone and iPad
  Symbian OS
  Cell phones
  Nintendo DS
  Sony PSP
  Web based reading
  And …
Also, there are lots of software to create these books.
However, to use this facility is limited for Persian spoken people. That is, Persian books in the format of this book readers are extremely rare or it is almost unavailable. Only limited number of books exist in this format which are created by authors who resides in other countries or those who didn’t have publication license and usually those Novels which do not contain interesting content.
These book readers usually do not support Persian, Arabic or other letters apart from Latin. Recently, the latest version of IOS can support Persian and Arabic and only with the latest version of Mac the Persian books could be read. However, there are several book reader software which read Persian and Arabic books for Android, windows mobile and Nokia. However, finding Persian and Arabic books is as hard as finding book reader software. Therefore, Ghaemiyeh research center has solved this main issue, with 24 hours of researching, and provided more than 15000 books in Persian, Arabic and English for those who need Islamic Science Education so that everyone in the world can use these books. We also promise to our user that we will provide Islamic Science Books in different live languages in the world.

Book Reader Software for epub format

There are lots of book reader for android such as Laputa, Moon Reader, Arabic & Hebrew and special edition. Moon Reader is the best tested application for reading books in epub format which has an attractive environment and supports more different formats. The latest edition of this application is specially for reading Arabic books which supports Persian better that other book readers.
It also contain turning animation and by scrolling up and down on the left side of the page you can adjust the screen brightness. You can change the font and choose different fonts. I also read English books with audio. Other features are, sharing, comprehensive searching tool, noting, dictionary, translation, transcript, book shelve, reading and downloading books from the network, Automatic scrolling with adjustable speed and other 100 special settings.
Laputa has a more beautiful appearance. Turning pages has animation (like iBook) and it categorizes the books in the shelve. However, it only read the books which are downloaded by the phone and it shows Persian texts from left to right.
Here is the website which explained all the software for epub format for different platforms.
Link of downloading of epub formats in your operation system from network library of Application “moonreader pro”
Add this address to the network library of moonreader pro and use from the library of its network.

Below, there are the link of some of epub reader.
moonreader pro



AlbiteReaderHD-2.2 (N8-00,E7-00,X6-00,C7-00,C6-00,C5-03,5800 XpressMusic,5530 XpressMusic,Nokia 5250,Nokia 5230 Nuron,Nokia N97)

AlbiteReaderNoTouch (X5-01,E5-00,C5-00,N96,N95,N91,N85,N80,E72,E61,E50,6760 slide,6720 Classic,6710 Navigator,6220 Classic,6124 Classic,6120,5730 XpressMusic,5700 XpressMusic,5630 XpressMusic,5500 Sport,5320 XpressMusic,3250,Sony Ericsson J105i)

AlbiteReaderLight (Nokia 3720 Classic,Nokia 5130 XpressMusic)

Sony Ericson






how can you use the electronic files with the format of ePub in your browser?
To read the files with ePub format you should have smartphone, tablet or electronic book reader. Because it is not possible to read these files directly from computer like PDF. Or you should use the special software for this format. Moreover, you can use the browser to read the files as explained below:

You can use FireFox or Chrome (if you don’t have these browsers, you can download). Thus, install the special Add-ons to your browser as shown below:

FireFox: EPUBReader
Chrome: MagicScroll

Overview to EPUBReader Add-On:

After you install this add-on a new icon will appear on top right side of the window. By clicking on this icon, a new page is opened that you can view the books in ePub formats.
If you want to download a book in ePub format from the website “” , the Add-On EPUBReader will load it automatically. After the download is finished, by clicking on the downloaded file the file is shown in a new tab like PDF files.

Overview to MagicScroll Add-On:

After installing the MagicScroll Add-On, you can go to address to see the epub e-books. After you access to this website you can create a library for yourself and add different books. You can do this by clicking on “Add a book to your library”.
After clicking on this option a new window is opened which requests the file of the book or the link of ePub book. If you have the file on your system you need to upload it here. And if you have the link of the file you can use the field of “ePub Address”.
After uploading, the file will be added to your library and by clicking on that you can start reading.
MagicScroll is a suitable Add-On with special features designed for ePub files.

Therefore, by using these two ways you can read all the ePub files withouht having smartphones, tablets or electronic book reader. Also, you don’t need to install special application for reading these files and you can use your browser to read them.
Link of EPUBReader for FireFox:
Link of MagicScroll for Chrome:


Google has announced that all users can download more than one million books in ePub format. However, google previously has given this archive to companies such as Sony, Barnes and Noble. However, until now, users were unable to download the ePub files for free. Moreover, google will create the PDF file of these books for downloading. Thus, those users who use eReader, will find the new ePub more helpful.

If you don’t have the hardwear of eReader and you want to read ePub files, you can install “Stanza” or “Desktop reader”

EPUB: is the only standard International Digital Publishing Forum to regularize all e-Books.

EPUB is a Free standardized format that almost all hardware eReader or desktop reader understand it.
“Amazon Kindle” is not able to read the ePub texts without using other softwares to make it readable for Kindle.
While there are other formats, ePub become a standard format for e-Books. Some sellers such as “Sony”, covers these books under a DRM (Digital rights management). However, others will let the books completely open without this kind of cover. ePub files from google books are not under the DRM cover.

It is important to take a note that ePub files are created by an Optical Character Recognition (OCR) System and they are not edited afterwards. However, this software is developed well.

Introduction to jar format:

Java is a programming language created by one of the engineers from the Sun Company called “James Gosling”. James has created JAVA for personal usage apart from C++. Similarly, Linux Torvalds has created Linux for his own usage.

James, first called this program Oak. At that time SUN COMPANY didn’t continue to develop the Oak. However, as the Internet was developing fast and by considering, some features functionality of the program and compatibility with Internet needs, they decided to activate the Oak project and called it JAVA.

The name “JAVA” is obtained from “Jsut Another Vague Acronym”, because all of the writers of this language were interested in Coffee. This, could be seen in Java Logo as well.

The first version of JAVA was written in 1995 and in 1997 the version 1.1 and subsequently version 2.1 were released afterwards. However, until now different versions with different features was released into the market. JAVA is the mother language for “Solaris” operation system. Similarly, “Basic” for Windows and “C” for Unix.

The most important features of Java are that you can use frequently the pre-written codes. Other features are that it is used on different systems. For example, if you have write a program with intel, you can easily use it in Macintosh and Unix. This feature is the key of success for Java.

Simplicity, portability, high performance, robustness, dynamics, and high safety are other features of Java.
The Usual programs which are written by Java are “Applet”. Applet is a dynamic program that runs on a web page and to view that a browser that supports Java needed. Additionally, you can write multi-purpose, high -level applications such as Service Network or Mail server softwares.

Installing Java files

Java applications are usually with the suffix of “jar” or “jad”. Installation of these applications are as same as applications with the format of “sis”

However, sometime the format of these files is changed or, for example, it is changed manually to “Zip” file. If you open these file, usually there are several other files with the format of “Class”. If your file does not have these 2 formats, you can manually change the format by choosing “Rename” option.

To be mentioned, if the App “PC-Suite” or similar application is not installed on your PC you will see this file with the Zip icon. However, it is a file with the format of jar or jad. Anyhow, if you are sure you have the file in java format move the file to your smartphone. Find the file in your phone and click on the file to install it.

Introduction to Html Format

HTML is the abbreviation of “Hyper Text Markup Language”. A HTML file is a text formed of “markup tag”. The “Browsers” realize that how they can show the screen with “Markup Tags”.

> A html file should have the suffix “html” or “htm”.
> Html file is a text which could be created by any simple editors.
> The main functionality of HTML’s tags (Markup Tags) is that how to show the information,

The difference between Suffix “html” and “htm”:

Webpages are usually the files with the suffix of “htm” and “html”. But what is the web?
the simplest definition of “web” is: the connected pages on internet are called web. These pages contain texts, picture, video, audio etc.
These pages use the “links” which is usually a highlighted text to that part of the text has different graphic. By moving your mouse pointer on that part the color is changed and by clicking on it you will be directed to a new page.

Familiarizing with these 2 Formats:

The international web language is (HTML) “Hyper Text Markup Language”. Web pages are designed based on HTML format. The most important features of HTML are listed below:

1- It uses the Hyperlinks
2- Ability to use different styles of lettering using frames
3- To create different tables and text which are designed before
4- To insert graphical pictures in HTML as hyperlink
5- To create form for the user to fill up

But what is the difference between these 2 suffix?

In fact, there are not any main differences between these 2. The only difference is in letter “L” which you can see in “HTML” not in “HTM”. This difference refers to the time that “htm” was initiated when DOS and Windows 3.0 was the operation system. DOS would accept the 8 characters for the name of a file and only 3 characters for a suffix. Other servers specially “UNIIX” to make all the filles adaptable for those who uses DOS, decided to make the suffix of hypertext to 3 character “htm”. However there is not any other difference.

The things you need to know before learning about “HTML”.

To work with HTML you need the things which are listed below

You need a text editor. In windows you can use Notepad. You also can use other text editor applications, however, some software such as “WordPad”, “Microsoft Office Word” and other similar Apps are not suitable for writing HTML Codes, because while saving the text these applications will add some codes to them.

You can find “NotePad” in Start in “Accessories” or using “Run” command by typing “notepad” in the box “Open” and clicking Enter.

You also need a browser such as “Microsoft Internet Explorer” which is install along with Windows or Mozilla Firefox, Opera and other browsers which are usually free to download.

Its better to test the pages you have written in different browsers. Because there are some parts in HTML which are specifically for one browser and is not usable for other browsers.

For using HTML you don’t need to be connected to the internet. You only need to use a browser in your computer.

To save the notepad file click on “Save As” from “File” menu and choose a directory. Type the name of the file with the suffix of “html” in the box “File Name” and click on Save.


You can use the books in HTML in different applications such as “Word” and…

Introduction to PDF Format:

PDF is a format used for e-Books and compared to other formats like “Doc” is better, because when moving it from a PC to another one the order of the text is not changed. Thus, most of people prefer to transfer files in PDF because, the application to read that file might not be installed on their computer.

How to read PDF

To read PDF file we need to use “Adobe Acrobat Reader”. You can download this app from this website:

To download a PDF file instead of clicking on file, its better to right click on that and choose the option “Save Target As” to save the file on the PC and easily open the file.

Special Features:

The books in PDF format contains Table of Contents, Table of Contents based on the page Numbers, inserting footer and showing the footers in the text by the in blue color, Search tool in the text, real page numbering, Copy texts and …

Introduction to apk (Android) format

Android is an operation system for smartphones and tablets which supports more than 30 famous companies. Android is an open server that programmers can create different applications for this Operating System using Android SDK . In fact, Android provides a platform for the App Developers to create better applications to use best of smartphone. Android means “Open”, which is a programmer could get the best use of a smartphone. Android lets the programmers to use some functions of the smartphone such as camera, Sending SMS, dialing and… so that they can create powerful and useful applications.

How to Use:

After downloading APK format add it to smartphone, Tablet and Computer memory and click on the file after installing the file. Then, click on the icon which is installed and read the book.


This is the Java format converted to Android and it is usable for Android below version 2 and if your Android version is higher you need to use the newest formats.

Software Features:
> This application based on Android operating system supports the languages: Persian, Arabic and English.
> Graphical display of Books in the main menu
> Direct download of the digital library of Ghaemiyeh on the device.
> Comprehensive and fast search in the downloaded books and search the details of the books.
> Table of Contents of the books
> To change the font size, font name, margins, line spacing, Justify, Colorful Diacritic.
> Simple and beautiful display of pages and with page-turning animations
> To edit, share and send the texts with SMS.
> To make ribbon tool for fast access to pages
> Supporting Image among texts with audio.

Hardware and software requirements
Prerequisite: It does not have
Disk space: 3 Mb after the initial installation
Temporary Memory: At least 20 Mb

Introduction to programming language and functionality of Android operating system

All applications are same for androids. A third-party App and core functions of the operating system have same access to all feature of the phone. Android devices give this permission to all users to have access to all features of the phone. In fact, android users can change their devices based on their own desire and customize the environment of the phone. The user even can decide that the photos to be opened by which application.

Features and specifications of Android:

1- Android supports the connectivity technologies such as GSM/EDGE, CDMA, EV-DO, UMTS, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.
2- Android supports the all formats of Multi-Media like MPEG-4, H.264, MP3, AAC, AMR, JPEG, PNG, GIF.
3- MMS, SMS and XMPP are the forms that android uses for sending text messaging and SMS
4- The browser in Android is developed based on Framework open source “WebKit”.
5- SQLite is an application for saving Data and information bank for android
6- Java Virtual Machine is imbedded by default in Android. Java language should be used to program all android applications. However, this version of the JVM is optimized for mobile devices.
7- Different Android tools are easily accessible for developers and supported by Google. These tools include libraries, diagnostic, phone simulator and plug-in for Eclipse.
8- Android supports different hardware such as GPS and various cameras
9- Pictures and graphical files are processed with OpenGL to have better resolution

Developing Android applications is fast, convenient, and enjoyable.
Google has provided easy access to useful tools and libraries for developing and producing many Android-based applications. Thus, programmers can produce applications faster and easier. These tools Includes diagnostic tools, handset emulator, libraries, documentation, sample code and a plug-in for Eclipse. Programming for Android is in JAVA language. Android functions are also implemented using Java. Android is only able to run the managed codes and is not able to run the Native Codes.

Android operating system based on Linux

This operating system is developed based on Linux operating system’ core. In fact, managing and optimizing memory, communicate with the hardware and system services, security, Linux kernel does processes management and mobile resource management. Android is just a layer that establishes communication between the user and the operating system. This application Layer is based on JAVA and this is the reason that it is not able to run Native codes. Android will be open source like Linux and countless developers to work on it.

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Authors and publishers' rights

All multimedia contents (like book, audio book, picture book, magazine, newspaper, article, thesis) which are available on Ghaemiyeh digital book market are set through written agreements whereby the publishers and authors all allowed  free publishing of their works.


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